12 September 2010

12th of September already?! How did that happen? But it’s not all bad that this year seems to be hurtling along at break-neck speed. Strictly Come Dancing is back on BBC, there’s that lovely Back to School energy in the air, I’m off to London next week for the annual Mills and Boon author lunch, and I can’t wait.

In London I’m looking forward to seeing Natalie Rivers; India Grey; Heidi Rice; Kate Walker; Sandra Marton; Sharon Kendrick; Christina Hollis; Lynn Raye Harris and Jennie Lucas to mention but a few.

Also, even more exciting, if you are an aspiring author for Mills and Boon and have been procrastinating about sending in a submission then now is your time and chance. Mills and Boon have launched an exciting new competition – all you have to do is submit your first chapter and it will be posted online to be judged by a panel of mentors/judges and also by you, the readers!

This is the official website: www.romanceisnotdead.com

Now, admittedly, this is scary, but trust me – it’s also the best way to put your work out there and get a valuable critique for nothing – and you might even win!

First prize is:

• Publication of your book
• A Mills & Boon Editor for the year
• An iPad
• A Mills & Boon hamper

When I was first submitting to Mills and Boon, you had to send over a hard copy of your manuscript by post. And then wait for agonising weeks while an editor got around to taking it out of the slush pile to read. So this opportunity to send in your work with little more than a click of the mouse is invaluable. Like I said it is scary but feel the fear and do it anyway! And best of luck to anyone who is submitting, or who has already taken the plunge…it’s an incredible privilege to be able to read everyone else’s entry so you can’t feel too alone. There are already nearly 200 entries and 22nd September is the deadline for your first chapters to be uploaded to the New Voices site, so get submitting!

I have some book release news – In Christofides’ Keeping which is the follow-up story of Rico Christofdes who appears in Bride in a Gilded Cage, is out in the US next March. It’ll be out in the UK this november and it’s my first book with the new look covers so I can’t wait to see it.

And also, my Wolfe Family continuity book is to be called The Restless Billionaire. This is going to be such an exciting series and the other authors you can look out for are Sarah Morgan, Caitlin Crews, Jennie Lucas, Kate Hewitt, Janette Kenny, Robyn Grady and Lynn Raye Harris.

So, what are you waiting for? Get busy submitting those first chapters of your own future books! I’ll be back soon with news from London and some pics.

x Abby