19 April 2010

Hi everyone – I hope you’re not being affected by the ever increasing plume of ash coming from the volcano in Iceland. I was in the UK last weekend and thanks to the lovely and gorgeous India Grey (www.indiagrey.com) – see her below looking coy:

…who drove me on a mercy mission to Holyhead to get the ferry, I got home ok. So all in all not too torturous an experience, but I have heard some horror stories. So if you’re caught up in it, I wish you all a speedy and inexpensive return home.

Some good news – I’ve received the author copies of my next book, Bride in a Gilded Cage, which is due out at the end of May…


…I have about six copies to give away to the first people who email me. Include your postal address and I’ll pop a copy in the post as soon as I get a chance…:-)

Apart from that I hope all the readers out there are happily reading, and all the aspiring writers are busy submitting!

Back soon, x Abby