25 October 2010

It’s a bank holiday here in Ireland today so it’s quiet and peaceful. A day which is perfect for getting some work done, if, ahem, one felt inclined. But Sleepless In Seattle is on the TV this afternoon and I can feel the first twinges of a cold coming on so think today might be best served as a research day. Any excuse!

Are you reading much at the moment? I’ve just finished Trish Morey’s Prisoner in Paradise and it totally swept me away on a delicious fantasy. And now I’m reading Jennie Lucas’s The Virgin’s Choice, which has the most gorgeous new look cover – I’m very jealous. And while I’m reading them I’m also savouring the new Jack Reacher book, Worth Dying For, which is pure edge of the seat adrenalin entertainment.

Three amazing books, two completely different genres.

I call reading the current M&B’s work, as it’s good to keep up with what everyone else is doing and writing, what’s current and what’s not, but really, I read them because I love them. They’ve never changed in their essence, they’ve just evolved and adapted over the years.

I hope you’re all getting plenty of time to curl up for a day, or even just an hour or two here and there to indulge in your own reading pleasures whatever they may be…

Happy Reading!

x Abby