26 May 2010

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. I’ve been away in the UK again, at a friend’s wedding, my 3rd of the year! The weather was amazing and the bride was stunning so it was a great day. I also got to go to lunch with my lovely editor in Richmond which is always exciting…we ate here – http://www.labuvette.co.uk/. It was a gorgeous day and we felt very glamorous sitting outside.

Did anyone catch the first episode of Spartacus Blood and Sand on the TV last night? Pretty epic stuff and extremely, ahem, inspiring. Lots of taut muscular chests and blood and sweat. Not to mention hot passionate scenes and undying forever love.

Not that I was watching it for that of course. I was concerned purely with the historical aspect…

Anyway, to that end, here is a clip to amuse you…enjoy!


x Abby