12 March 2011

My day/weekend has just been made by spotting these reviews on Amazon.com for In Christofides’ Keeping:

Abby Green does not disappoint. If there is anyone who is an automatic buy for me, it’s Abby. I hope she writes a longer romance some day.

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

Great book by Abby Green. I enjoyed it very much. The past problems and difficult histories the H/H each had made their actions and lack of trust believable. I loved how the author shared both sets of their thoughts with the reader. I also really enjoyed how the characters changed in their feelings for each other, and how the author described the little things that demonstrated the closeness and affection they were developing toward each other. And finally each of the character’s love and interaction with their daughter was just great and very believably. You didn’t feel the child’s presence was just a plot device, but was integral to the story. Highly recommended.

Thank you very much Gene Rhys and JSG! (There’s also a 1* review because someone didn’t like the fact that the hero wasn’t told about his baby but I’m choosing to celebrate the positive ;-)!)

Hope you’re all having a happy weekend wherever you are!

x Abby