13 June 2011

Hi there, I’m back from my visit to Lismore in Co. Waterford. The travel writers festival was full of interesting talks and lots of socializing, well worth a visit for next year.

Lismore is one of the prettiest towns in Ireland, the surrounding countryside is lush and green, like a postcard picture of what Ireland is meant to look like! The town is dominated by the stunning Lismore Castle, owned by the Duchess of Devonshire, who is one of the famous Mitford sisters.

We went to the castle for a look around so here are some pics to whet your appetite:


The other interesting thing about Lismore, or perhaps the most interesting thing is that it’s where Dervla Murphy comes from, and still lives.

Dervla Murphy is a world renowned Irish travel writer who blazed a trail for independent travel at a time when women just did not get onto a bike and travel from Ireland to Asia solo! Her first book was Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, published in 1965. And since then she’s been traveling and writing from all over the world.

She’s a true visionary and traveler and you can find out more about her books and her here.

Back soon!

x Abby