23 July 2011

Hi there – just popping up to say that I’m hurtling towards a deadline so I don’t have much in the way of news to report. But, while I’m sweating blood and crying over my keyboard for the next week I thought I’d give you a couple of recommendations of some authors I’ve recently discovered…

I’m ashamed to say that I’d never read any of Linda Howard’s books until my good pal Heidi Rice told me to read After the Night.

That’s all it took to make me want to gobble up her entire back list in one go. I’d also really really really recommend her Mackenzie series:


Her books are literally unputdownable. The heroes are alpha, the heroines are just as alpha. The hotness factor is extremely hot. Each one I’ve read so far is like a little golden nugget of pleasure.

Heidi Rice was lucky enough to have lunch with Linda in New York when we were there for the conference. You can read about her fan girl moment on her blog. It’s just as well I hadn’t started reading Linda’s books by then as she would have had two drooling fans bowing at her feet.

And the other author I want to recommend is Victoria Dahl. She is just pure brilliance. I’m one of those people who love reading great historicals but I’d never attempt to write one. Far too much hard work and research. So I really enjoy it when someone else does all the work!

Victoria writes fantabulous historicals. They’re hot, sexy, intriguey, sassy, intelligent and just generally delicious.


And, as if that wasn’t enough…she also writes contemporary single title romances. They are sizzling. So hot you could fry an egg on them. Perhaps wait till you’ve finished reading to try that one though ;). They’re also funny, properly laugh out loud funny. The plots and dialogue alone would make a grown author weep with envy.

Check out her Start Me Up/Talk Me Down/Lead Me On series…



So…what are you waiting for? I envy anyone who hasn’t yet discovered these authors and just don’t come cursing to me when your life falls apart because you’re too busy reading.

Back soon!

x Abby