3 October 2011

…where is the year going?! October already!!! I’ve been busy with the house move and then I had to go to Belfast last week to work on a music video – so I was dipping back into the old job for a few days which was a nice diversion – to paint and hauling boxes. And, er, to starting my next book. But I’ve no more excuses and this book has to be written by the end of November so it’ll be nose to the grindstone till then.

But in the meantime, I’ve got some older books re-released in anthologies. The Kouros Marriage Revenge is out in Sweet Revenge which should still be on shelves; the M&B site or available to download.

And then my very first book Chosen as the Frenchman’s Bride is being released in the Latin Lovers anthology and that will be out in the next few weeks…


Also I’m very excited because the new Lee Child Reacher book is out – I’m saving it until I can read it without interruption.

Hope you’re all well and busy – anyone entering the New Voices competition you’ve not long to wait now till the first 20 are announced! Best of luck ;).

And last but not least – how brilliant are Ireland doing in the Rugby World Cup?! We’ve got to the quarter finals and face Wales next week – so come on IRELAND!

Back soon, x Abby