19 April 2012

Here Comes The Sun!














I’ve been tagged in the Sunshine Awards, given to me by the lovely Heidi Rice who has listed all the things she loves here. So now I have to list all the things I love…well here goes:

I love Heidi Rice because she’s my buddy and RWA conference roomie and general get up to no goodness partner in crime. I love Annie West and India Grey because we all started about the same time and they’ve been with me every – sometimes fraught – step of the way. I love my close friends, some of whom have become so close they’re my second/surrogate family whether they like it or not ;). I love traveling to new places and having that sense of being totally out of your own world. I love looking back at photos of traveling and remembering…I love the beaches in the west of Ireland and looking out to the Atlantic with nothing between us an America.











I love the smell of a turf fire. I love a glass of prosecco with a strawberry in it. I love warm chocolate cake dessert. I love pasta, especially Penne Arrabiata. I love Indian takeaways. I love Linda Howard’s books, and Lee Child’s books. I love discovering a new favourite author and realizing they have a whole back catalogue to catch up on. I love good movies. I love when friends visit. I love dinner parties. I love going to London, or Paris or any other city.











I love magazines. I love a nap in the afternoon. I love writing when it’s all flowing and you sit back and say, where did that come from??! I love babies but love being able to hand them back too. (Until I get my own!). I love my office in my house with a view of the Dublin mountains…

Phew, as you can see I could go on and on and on….hope you’re all loving whatever you’re doing today 🙂

And now I guess I have to tag someone – so I’m going to tag the lovely Donna Alward who is up for a RITA award at this years’s RWA conference  in Anaheim!

Back soon, Abby x