4 November 2012

Hi there, sorry I haven’t posted in so long ;/. I’ve been busy working on the longest revisions ever for my last book and thankfully it’s been accepted, finally! Phew! It’s #23 and I can’t really believe I’ve written that many books.

So a little bit of an update on books for 2013. After my current release, Exquisite Revenge, which is in shops now ;)..








..I won’t have another book out until next June! And then I’ll have two out at the same time! It’s just the way the scheduling has gone. But, I’m very excited about both books. The first one is part of a brand new continuity series which features a very dark and sexy Sicilian family: the Correttis.

My Corretti book is called A Shadow of Guilt and will be out in the UK in June and North America in July. It’s #3 in the the line up. It features a very dark and guilt – ridden hero called Gio. He blames himself for the death of his best friend seven years before. Unfortunately so does the heroine, Valentina, who is his best friend’s little sister…but when they meet again the chemistry between them is explosive and Valentina finds herself fighting the biggest battle of her life to resist the man she hates most in the world…

Here is the Pinterest board I did for the book: A Shadow of Guilt

Then ALSO out in June in the UK and North America will be my latest book, just accepted, Forgiven But Not Forgotten? I love this story because it allows me to revisit Rocco De Marco from The Legend of De Marco. Rocco De Marco’s mother was a prostitute and his father was a very wealthy pillar of Italian society. When Rocco confronted him one day outside his Palazzo, he saw two blonde blue – eyed princesses, his half – sisters. He was deeply scarred by his father’s rejection of him that day, and also the way his sisters literally stepped over him in the street.

I’ve always wondered about the sisters and thought perhaps one of them would make a good heroine. What if their lives hadn’t been as perfect as Rocco, and everyone else had believed? And so that’s how I came to write about Siena DePiero, who is now disgraced and penniless, an heiress no more. She is hiding in London and waitressing at functions where once she would have been the feted guest.

Little does she realize that a ghost from her past is out to make the most of her changed circumstances. Andreas Xenakis was a poor but hardworking hotel employee when he first laid eyes on Siena DePiero when she was one of Europe’s most celebrated debutantes – think Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco.








She seduced and beguiled Andreas only to cruelly betray him to protect herself. Andreas has never forgotten or forgiven her and sets out to exorcise her from his blood forever, by taking her as his mistress…

Here is the Pinterest board I did for this book to whet your appetites: Forgiven But Not Forgotten?

It was an emotional roller – coaster of a book to write but I’ll be looking forward to its release as it’ll mark the first of my books to come out simultaneously in the UK and North America. From February 2013, all of our books will be released simultaneously in the UK and North America which will make things much easier!

I hope you’re all keeping well and I’ll be back soon with more news 🙂

x Abby