16 May 2013

Hi there,

Well I’ve had a very busy few weeks with various things going on and not least of which was a few days in glorious sunny Portugal. I went with family to spend a few days in Lisbon…



































…and then a beautiful walled town called Évora which is a couple of hours from Lisbon.





















Much wine and beer and food was taken and now I’m taking myself off sugar for 30 days to compensate and kick start into a much needed healthy regime ;).


I’ve just been given revisions for my latest ms which is the first part of a trilogy about three half – brothers, so I’ll be working on that as fast as I can (ahem, hence the news update!), so that I can move onto my next book which is the second book in the trilogy, which will be swiftly followed by a book for a brand spanking exciting new continuity series that is due to be published next year. It revolves around a very glamorous and scandalous hotel dynasty family. Both these next books need to be into my editor by August – gulp!

After the continuity I’ll start work on the third book in the trilogy and that will feature the oldest brother who has the darkest demons of them all. Can’t wait!

In the meantime you’ll be able to pick up my latest book: Forgiven but not Forgotten in shops from around now in UK & North America, and then next month will see the release of A Shadow of Guilt, the third book in the new Corretti series set in hot intoxicating Sicily.


























My lovely webmistress Heather has loaded up a handy widget for Forgiven but not Forgotten onto this page and the books page if you fancy reading the first chapter…take a look ;)!

Back soon!

x Abby