8 March 2013

Happy International Women’s Day Everyone!











I hope that wherever you are and whoever you are that you’re feeling empowered, emboldened, energized and happy.

I’ve been missing in action for a while because I was back in my day job working on a film…



















It’s called FRANK and it was directed by great Irish film director Lenny Abrahamson (What Richard Did; Adam and Paul; Garage)  so hopefully it’ll be out later this year.

While I was working, this was my office:




















…so I’m very happy to be back in my nice warm, DRY, office ;).



















I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into a trilogy I’m working on called ‘Blood Brothers’. I don’t know if this title for the series will stick but it’s about three half – brothers who share the same mother. I’m working it all out at the moment and I can’t wait to start with Rafaele Falcone’s story, the middle brother.


In other news, I did a workshop here in Dublin this week for the lovely Caroline Brady and the Eblana Writers Group. You can read all about them if you’re interested here. I was very fortunate to have the incomparably brilliant and lovely Heidi Rice with me,




















so I think we managed to bombard everyone with as much information on how to write a Mills and Boon as possible! Hopefully M&B will see some more manuscripts arriving from aspiring Irish authors.


My next books scheduled to come out are going to hit the shops in June AND July in the UK and North America, a double whammy after a drought of 6 months, so I hope you’re ready and I hope you like them. First up will be Forgiven But Not Forgotten? You can read an excerpt on the books page.














Next will be A Shadow of Guilt which is part of a new continuity about the Sicilian Corretti Family. It’s full of hot Sicilian passion (!) and it’s being released as a 2 in 1 along with Kate Hewitt’s book in the UK, and as a stand alone Presents in North America in the same month (July). There’s an excerpt on the books page.














I’ll be back soon with more news once I’ve made a bit of headway into Rafaele and Samantha’s story..


Ciao for now!


x Abby