7 February 2014

Hi all,

I hope the year is getting off to a good start for everyone. We’ve had lashing rain and gale force winds here in Ireland and lots of flooding but hopefully it’s easing off now ;). I’m busy working on revisions for my latest story – featuring Serena DePiero, Siena’s wild and debauched sister from Forgiven but not Forgotten?.

But, I really wanted to mention a very glamorous and successful author – Eloisa James (who I’m not suggesting for a moment is wild and debauched, or if she is, then it’s in the best possible way).













I got an email recently from Ms James’s assistant to tell me that my book, The French Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress, was going to be featured on Eloisa James’s monthly Barnes and Noble review blog and I was stunned that she even knew my name, never mind actually reading and liking a book! She  grew up reading Harlequin Presents and says “I still think these small books offer an amazing read. A good HP is like a small firework, with the couple shooting sparks in all directions” which I think is such a good description of the stories!

I will be keeping this image in my mind as I plough through revisions and hope that the firework can bring my manuscript and characters back to life.

If you are looking for some reading inspiration – her monthly Barnes and Noble blog is a brilliant review of lots of books and authors – which is an incredibly generous endorsement by a bestselling author.

You can check out February’s blog HERE.

On her website: www.eloisajames.net, she has a books to love page, and on it she mentions Mackenzie’s Mountain by Linda Howard which is also one of my all time favourites (clearly a woman of good taste;)).

Not to mention Eloisa’s own bestselling historical romances. Her latest book is out now Once Upon a Tower, so go download it or buy it and enjoy!















I’ll be back soon,

x Abby