7 May 2014

So, some big news. Mills & Boon have launched a brand new first of its kind interactive transmedia experience to tie in with its new serial continuity ‘The Chatsfield’ which started in May with Lucy Monroe’s ‘Sheikh’s Scandal’. My book in the series, Rival’s Challenge will be released in October.

You can read more about it all here: The Guardian

All of the stories in the eight books center around a luxurious exclusive hotel, but if you go onto the website: The Chatsfield, you’ll be able to access a whole load of other content and storylines and snippets of stories belonging to other characters that aren’t in the books. And you’ll be able to interact and influence stories and characters!

So when you put the book down, the story doesn’t end there.

I’ve written a digital short story, like a mini prequel to whet your appetite for the series, it’s called The Soldier in Room 286 and you can find it on Amazon here. There are also short stories by Marguerite Kaye, Susan Stephens and Joss Wood. You can read an excerpt of mine on the books page ;).















Hope you can take some time out to play around with it!

Back soon,

x Abby