Special News!
BRIDE IN A GILDED CAGE was nominated for a 2010 Pure Passion award!

Forced to Wed! Isobel Miller and Rafael Romero have been promised to each other for years in marriage, as part of an agreement between their families.

While Rafael has never had any intention of settling down, when he sees the beautiful woman that Isobel has become, he realizes that marriage might not be such a bad prospect after all.

Isobel is caught, unable to get out of the ancient agreement without causing irreparable damage to her family. A legal contract says she must wed! But she is determined above all, to withstand Rafael’s devastating charm and stay true to herself…the only problem is that she hasn’t counted on Rafael’s slow and sensual wearing down of her defences…

BRIDE IN A GILDED CAGE (4) by Abby Green: The last man Isobel Miller wants to marry is Rafael Romero. Unfortunately, her family and his arranged the match 10 years ago, and if she refuses to marry Rafael, her parents will be penniless. Duty turns to love, at least on Isobel’s part, but she knows she cannot stay in a loveless marriage, especially after reading about her grandparents’ epic romance. Can Rafael convince Isobel that he feels the same? The heroine’s choice of profession — tango instructor — adds a sexy, fun twist to the “forced marriage” plot. Fans of the TV show Dancing With the Stars will love this one.

Reviewed By: Rhomylly Forbes


Mills & Boon
May 21, 2010
ISBN: 0263878090


Harlequin Presents
October 1, 2010
ISBN: 0373129483


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