Gypsy Butler spent one explosive night with a charismatic stranger, but when she discovered that he was exactly the kind of man she despises most, and that she was pregnant with his child, she prayed she’d never see him again.

But fate is not kind, and when Gypsy bumps into Rico Christofides the explosive passion between them is as strong as ever.

He wants her.

What will he do though when he discovers the secret daughter she’s been keeping from him?

IN CHRISTOFIDES’ KEEPING (4.5) by Abby Green: Rico Christofides is completely shocked when he sees Gypsy Butler waiting tables — Gypsy, his one-night stand from two years ago that he still can’t forget. Rico is even more shocked to discover that Gypsy has a 15-month-old daughter, Lola. His daughter. Despite Gypsy’s protests, Rico takes them home with him, determined to make up for lost time with Lola. Can these two people from broken families make a go of it together? Green has penned a great story about love and redemption with a near-perfect ending.

Reviewed By: Rhomylly Forbes

Mills & Boon Modern
November 5, 2010
ISBN: 0263878589


Harlequin Presents
March 2011
ISBN: 0373129793


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August 2014