He took her virginity for revenge!

Multi-millionaire Vicenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan played a role in his sister’s downfall. He sought her out to make her pay. He seduced her, revealed his identity – and cruelly discarded her.

Now he’ll take her to the altar!

But Cara has done no wrong. She’s shocked and mortified that she gave her virginity so willingly to the ruthless Vicenzo. To make matters worse, she’s just discovered she’s expecting – and now the dark-hearted Italian is claiming her once more, this time as his bride!

4 Stars — Romantic Times

Vicenzo Valentini vows revenge against Cara Brosnan, the sister of the scam artist responsible for his sister’s death. But his plan backfires when Cara ends up pregnant and claims the child is his. Vicenzo doesn’t want a wife, not even one he desires, but to avoid scandal, he marries Cara after assuring she’s indebted to him. With proper financial incentive, he has no doubt Cara will abandon their baby and their marriage. But Cara, tormented with demons of her own, surprises him at every turn. This tearjerker has layers of conflict but will more than satisfy you in the end.

~ Sabrina Madan

Mills & Boon Modern Romance
July 2009
ISBN: 0263872262


Harlequin Presents
December 8, 2009
ISBN: 0373527462


Also contained in the Anthology
April 20, 2012