Seduced for revenge, bedded for pleasure

Six months ago Brazilian tycoon Caleb Cameron thought he’d uncovered Maggie Holland’s plot to ruin him – by seducing him to take his mind off business deals worth millions!

In actual fact Maggie was being manipulated by her cruel stepfather. What was more, she fell in love with Caleb – but he said he never wanted to see her again.

However, now her stepfather has died, leaving Maggie and her mother with nothing – Caleb Cameron is the new owner of all their assets! And, as the final piece of his revenge, he’s got an offer Maggie cannot refuse: to keep their precious family home, she must become his mistress for two months!

4 Stars—Romantic Times

Caleb Cameron assumed that Maggie Holland knew the score when her stepfather tried to ruin him by sabotaging his business. Now that her stepfather is dead, Caleb is the new owner of the family’s assets. In order for Maggie to reclaim her inheritance, she agrees to become his mistress for two months. Caleb finds Maggie confusing because she doesn’t act like his previous mistresses. When their time together is over and Maggie leaves behind all his gifts, Caleb realizes she was there for love. With Abby Green’s THE BRAZILIAN’S BLACKMAIL BARGAIN (4), a man who has never been loved for himself realizes, just before it’s too late, that he’s found the woman of his dreams. Even luckier for him, she’s willing to meet him more than halfway.

Sandra Garcia-Myers, Romantic Times

Mills & Boon Modern Romance
May 2007
ISBN: 0263853225


Harlequin Presents
August 2007
ISBN: 0373126573


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