In the tycoon’s bed – and at his command!

Frenchman Pascal Léveque has his sights set on Alana Cusack, once one half of an infamous celebrity couple. Her seeming innocence intrigues him… Alana’s marriage was a sham. It has left her feeling unattractive and unwanted in bed. Now the devastating tycoon has claimed her as his mistress, he’ll teach the inexperienced Alana how much pleasure can be had in the bedroom.

But when one night leads to a baby, Psacal vows he’ll take Alana to Paris…and up the aisle!

THE FRENCH TYCOON’S PREGNANT MISTRESS (4.5) by Abby Green: When French tycoon Pascal Leveque sees reporter Alana Cusack covering a rugby match, he’s instantly attracted. When Alana is introduced to the devastatingly handsome Pascal, she immediately senses she’s in trouble. After her marriage to a famous rugby star ended disastrously, she’s been hesitant to get involved with anyone. But Pascal isn’t just anyone, and they embark on what they have decided is a no-strings affair. But then Alana learns she’s pregnant. Will they be able to reveal their true feelings? This magical fairy tale is full of romance, passion and sensuality. And the wonderful hero is indeed fit to be a prince.

Sandra Garcia-Myers, Romantic Times

I grew up reading Harlequin Presents, and I still think these small books offer an amazing read. A good HP is like a small firework, with the couple shooting sparks in all directions. It’ll be no surprise to learn that there is yet another unborn baby in Abby Green’s The French Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress. Irish TV reporter Alana Cusack gets involved with a French banker, Pascal Lévêque, and thereafter quickly — well, the title is something of a giveaway. (I think it’s fair to say that heroines in HPs are particularly fertile.) When Alana loses her job, Pascal whisks her off to his penthouse in Paris. Even though the two of them practically burn up the bed, they have multiple reasons to mistrust each other, and Alana finally decides she simply cannot trust a French playboy. So she says good-bye and returns to her job in England. The small canvas of an HP actually encourages startling originality: the ending of this book is particularly enjoyable.

Eloisa James, Author

Mills & Boon Modern Romance
April 2009
ISBN: 0263871916


Harlequin Presents
April 2009
ISBN: 0373128142


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