Princess Samia has to marry the world’s most notorious and elusive playboy: Sultan Sadiq of Al – Omar. She knows she is not the woman for him. But all he wants is a quiet and biddable wife. Sultan Sadiq is not prepared for when his new wife turns out to be far more alluring and complex than he could have ever imagined…suddenly a marriage of convenience becomes a marriage of desire, something neither of them expected.

THE SULTAN’S CHOICE (4) by Abby Green: Sultan Sadiq Hussein needs a wife, and he has the perfect candidate in mind, Princess Samia — with her mousy plain exterior, she could provide him with an ideal political alliance, the necessary heirs and she won’t distract him from the important task of running his country. But first he has to persuade a defiant Samia to say “I do” and then he has to tame his libido that rages out of control whenever he’s near her. Green writes an entrancing romance, where vulnerable characters transform as their love grows.

Reviewed By: Sabrina Madan (Romantic Times)

Mills & Boon
August 19, 2011
ISBN: 0263886883


Harlequin Presents
March 6, 2012
ISBN: 0373528574


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April 2014