Abby Green has been hooked on romantic stories ever since she was a little thing, lying in bed, making her aunt tell her (over and over again) about a Prince and a scary forest and the Princess he was rescuing.

Thankfully (for her aunt), she learned to read and discovered the wonderful worlds of authors like Jilly Cooper, Virginia Andrews, Jackie Collins and Judy Blume to mention but a few, as well as the great lexicon of Harlequin Mills and Boon romances.

A career in Film and TV as a 2nd Assistant Director was thrilling and exciting for many years, but Abby always had that other side of her that wanted to write and make up stories about Princesses rescuing Princes from scary forests – because as we all know, that’s how it really pans out, right?

After submitting to Harlequin Mills and Boon in London and receiving a rejection letter, albeit with notes, she stuck her foot firmly in the door so it wouldn’t close, and about a year later an author was born.

Abby is now very happy to be paid to daydream all day long, albeit with frequent walk breaks because she lives with two of the cutest cockapoos in the world.

She lives and works in Dublin.