A legacy maid in Manhattan…

In desperation to save her father, housekeeper Rose O’Malley thinks she can trap a man. But the second she faces Zac Valenti and the force of his palpable sensuality, she knows she can’t go through with it!

Before she can call off her deception, Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor sweeps Rose off her feet – and into his bed! Stealing away like a guilty Cinderella, Rose vows never to see Zac again…until she discovers she’s pregnant and Zac demands his passionate betrayer and his baby remain under his control!

AN HEIR TO MAKE A MARRIAGE (4 stars) by Abby Green: When her father needs an expensive heart surgery, New York maid Rose O’Malley is coerced by her employer into sleeping with Zac Valenti and becomes pregnant. The plot thickens, as Zac is her employer’s grandson, and because of several major family fabrications, he’s sworn to never procreate. Zac’s grandmother is determined to carry on the family name no matter the cost. But when the scheme works and Rose winds up pregnant, she finds she only wants to protect Zac and their unborn child. A well-written tale and nicely paced storyline make for a heartwarming read in the One Night With Consequences series. Rose is quite believable in her desire to save her father and avoid doing the wrong thing, as is Zac’s anger at his family.
Reviewed by:
Alexandra Kay

Mills & Boon
June 2016
ISBN: 0263916162


Harlequin Presents
June 2016
ISBN: 0373134428